Our healthcare services provide 24 hour manned guarding and customer service support within private hospitals and doctors surgerys. Our uniformed officers are an integral part of the day-to-day safety and security measures, providing reassurance and resilience.  Our healthcare division provides an extremely flexible service, meeting the requirements within various care settings.

Safeguarding of Hospital staff and patients by preventing violent situations and offering clear advice on managing them safely if needed. Attacks on hospital staff can be sudden, serious, and life-threatening. They take place in a broad range of settings and involve patients, family members, and visitors who become angry for seemingly minor reasons or for no apparent reason at all. Violence against medical staff is more frequent in, but not limited to, the emergency department  or psychiatric units. It can happen in any healthcare setting, at any time.

With a diverse range of daily occurrences, our officers are dynamic in their approach, enabling a professional outcome to a vast spectrum of challenges. To provide an immediate response to ensure patient, staff and visitor safety, the security officers roles and responsibilities include;

  • Patrols of the hospital grounds
  • Response to problematic patients where ward staff require assistance
  • Management of keys
  • Locking/unlocking of key access points
  • Deterring criminal activity
  • Daily occurrence log completion
  • CCTV operation
  • Reporting of unattended or suspicious packages/vehicles
  • Dealing with vehicle obstructions to facilities by emergency services
  • Escorting of staff onsite when required
  • Public car parks

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