When it comes to show and event security, here at G3S Security, we take great pride in offering only the best.  With experienced security guards, fully trained in handling all your event security needs, you can trust the professionals in ensuring that your event runs smoothly and securely.

From preparing the initial security details to wrapping it all up, our security guards will be there from beginning to end ensuring your event stays secure throughout.  Find out more about the range of events we can cater for:



Our healthcare services provide 24 hour manned guarding and customer service support within private hospitals and doctors surgerys. Our uniformed officers are an integral part of the day-to-day safety and security measures, providing reassurance and resilience.  Our healthcare division provides an extremely flexible service, meeting the requirements within various care settings.

Safeguarding of Hospital staff and patients by preventing violent situations and offering clear advice on managing them safely if needed. Attacks on hospital staff can be sudden, serious, and life-threatening. They take place in a broad range of settings and involve patients, family members, and visitors who become angry for seemingly minor reasons or for no apparent reason at all. Violence against medical staff is more frequent in, but not limited to, the emergency department  or psychiatric units. It can happen in any healthcare setting, at any time.

With a diverse range of daily occurrences, our officers are dynamic in their approach, enabling a professional outcome to a vast spectrum of challenges. To provide an immediate response to ensure patient, staff and visitor safety, the security officers roles and responsibilities include;

  • Patrols of the hospital grounds
  • Response to problematic patients where ward staff require assistance
  • Management of keys
  • Locking/unlocking of key access points
  • Deterring criminal activity
  • Daily occurrence log completion
  • CCTV operation
  • Reporting of unattended or suspicious packages/vehicles
  • Dealing with vehicle obstructions to facilities by emergency services
  • Escorting of staff onsite when required
  • Public car parks


Safety of common people is at risk all over the world. Whether it is your residential premises, a commercial space, corporate offices or even hotels and shopping malls; acts of theft, trespassing, pilfering, forgery, sabotaging, and activist commotion have become rampant these days. Being the foremost industrial security services in Delhi NCR, Black G3S Security Service understands the security threats linked to industrial facilities and manufacturing plants. Hands-on security efforts can considerably limit the vulnerability of your industrial plants and help protect your employees, resources, and reputation. Our recruits are empowered to fulfill your expectations of heightened location security management and to take care of risks and liabilities associated with your facility.

Different facilities have different needs in terms of security they expect. That’s why we bring a gamut of industrial security services in Delhi NCR that includes superior ID verification for admittance, visible inspection of all packages and vehicles, enhanced perimeter protection and keen observation of visitors or incidents that appear unusual. Our security advisers leave no stone unturned when they design and deploy safety plan for your commercial unit.

Our manufacturing facility and industrial plant security/commercial-services monitor vehicles that enter and leave the site. The entry gates are manned by skilled guards who can escort visitors and VIP’s to the designated locations. The site security patrolling officers ensure the safety of the premises. Our guards are trained to patrol the facility on foot or on vehicles. Dedicated watch log is maintained to check the movement of equipment and materials in and out of the facility. Additionally, our executives are instructed to maintain daily activity logs to ensure smooth functioning and detect suspicious activities. G3S 24-hour security services ensure complete peace of mind for you and your staff working in the plant. Contact us now for a customised security plan for your facility.



G3S Security Services is a professionally organised team of specialised Personal Security officers Delhi NCR including ex NSG /SPG and Civilian commandos who have achieved a respectful reputation in diverse security providing services. Our PSOs assure paramount protection to fellow citizens through their committed and focused security services. We can provide both Armed and Unarmed PSO services in Delhi NCR to protect innocent people from falling prey to life-threatening assaults.

In an attempt to make Delhi NCR a secure and safer place, we have prepared our PSOs to intensely tackle the crime situation of the city. The team of security supervisors at G3S Security Services analyses the areas in the city where crime is prevalent and based on that information, we prepare our PSOs to combat any unpleasant situation. The armed PSOs carry licensed weapons and are trained to use the armoury only in critical events. Our unarmed personal security manpower is prepared to handle any attack that may incite physical damage.

How Do We Train Our PSOs?

Our Personal Security officers Delhi NCR are subjected to a stringent selection process and are employed only after they clear rigorous fitness and aptitude benchmarks. The security officers at G3S regularly go through advanced training programs by professionals and participate in every day physical training sessions, brainstorming workshops about technical understanding of security gadgets, preparation for developing key skills necessary for the task, behavioural learning, educational programs, and discipline classes. These ancillary programs equip us and establish us as one of the best PSO services in Delhi NCR.

The ever–rising crime rate in Delhi compels you to sit up and notice the vulnerability to which residents and visitors are exposed to on a daily basis. G3S PSOs utilise their keen sense of observation to identify situations that challenge them to display their power in public.



Hospitality industry comprises of resorts and hotels. Security and comfort of guests are paramount in the hospitality industry. In fact, there are dedicated staffs to ensure the safety of patrons as nothing can harm the prestige of a hotel more than disappointed and unhappy customers. Thus, among the plenty of aspects to consider from the perspective of hotel management, security of visitors is one of the top concerns.

Guests staying at hotels normally leave their valuables inside their room. They are vulnerable to attack, theft or injury on account of the hotel’s carelessness. When tourists think of hotel security, they should feel safe about leaving their luggage in the room as they step out to enjoy the surroundings. Guests should be able to move around safely in the hotel premises, in their rooms, and in the areas adjoining their hotel. Nobody wants to even imagine becoming a target of an activist attack in the destination in which they are residing.

G3S is an ace provider of hotel security services in Delhi NCR. We firmly believe that good service comes with great security. Security is an integral and essential part of a hotel’s success as inferior security leaves guests exposed to potential risks and jeopardises the repute of the hotel.

G3S is a name to reckon with among the leading hotel security services in Delhi NCR. In order to detect any unauthorized entry, our security guards vigilantly monitor visitors and luggage coming and leaving the premises. Any suspicious incident is communicated immediately to the supervising security staffs, which is trained to handle such situations in a harmless and professional manner, causing least commotion. Our executives are also positioned at entrances, checking access to the hotel buildings and working like hotel concierges. We can provide valet drivers during special events that are hosted within the hotel premises.



G3S is a security guard service provider that is proven for its security guard services in Delhi NCR. Guards trained by our team are admired for their bravery, dedication and the finest security service you call for.

What Makes Our Security Guards So Unique?

In addition to their determination and courage, here are some more aspects that make our security guards a cut above the rest:

  1. Training:

Brave people with appropriate medical and physical fitness are provided necessary training to prepare them for securing your premises and industries from threat under any situation. G3S guards are extremely skilled and experienced in managing unstable and concealed locations. They are trained to sincerely take and follow instructions just the way army does. Your security is of utmost importance and our guards are trained to combat any attempt to jeopardize your security. Different sectors like residential, commercial, health, industrial, institutional, hospitality etc. have distinct requirements as far as security is concerned. We have specialized training programs for people to prepare them to work as security guards in residential or corporate spaces and to man commercial premises like industries. As a result, they have expertise in different sectors and can be posted in a particular sector depending on your choice and requirement.

  1. Identification:

Before we appoint any person under our security guard services in Delhi NCR, we ensure that the person has valid identification and verification proofs. In addition to verifying the identity of the person, we provide security license to certify his capability in doing the job. Our guards are courteous, honest and follow ethical norms while performing their duty.

  1. Prepared to handle worst situations:

G3S guards are prepared to defend your premises from trespassers and handle worst situations to serve their best in crucial times. We have been appreciated as a security guard service provider in Delhi/NCR owing to the first-rate security offered by our personnel. In addition, our industrial security guards have earned recognition in protecting the industrial plants, factories, and hazardous locations. Needless to say, the guards have been specially trained to work in such atmosphere. The institutional guards are expert in safeguarding financial institutions, banks, ATMs, colleges and so on. The residential guards have expertise in monitoring housing complexes and foiling burglary and theft attempts.

  1. Dedication and loyalty:

The security guards appointed by G3S are absolutely dedicated and loyal to their duty because they love what they do – protect innocent lives. We believe in providing superior service to our clients and thus, we have stringent rules regarding misconduct of the security guards.

If you are looking for a security service agency, G3S can answer all your security concerns. We promise to safeguard your property and family by providing the strongest and finest batch of well-trained security guards who will be at your service 24X7.